Friday, February 26, 2010


With only 4 weeks left in training I can definitely say it has been a roller coaster ride! Staying Motivated isn't always easy. Especially when you don't feel well or there are a million reasons to stay away from the gym, ie. cold weather, pretty weather, cramps, sore muscles! So staying on track is my nemesis! It helps when Russ isn't working late or playing soccer, having a someone to motivate you is that extra push I need sometimes to finish out the day!

The fun part of working out with Russ is he has a plan of attack! Our schedule has evolved to fit our lifestyle better, moving days around and adding new workouts. I also have started keeping better track of my workouts. Writing down everything from Miles to heartbeat, weights to number of reps. This allows me to be better informed from workout to workout, especially when there are days in between.

This week I was sick Monday and Tuesday so we missed a run and cycling class. I Love Cycling! Definitely keeping up with that even when the marathon training is complete! I recomend it to anyone who has bad knees. I find, especially after long runs, cycyling is a great workout the next day! Keeps some of the pounding of the knees. We have a great teacher at the YMCA! I <3 the YMCA!!!

We decided, after missing our long runs the past two weeks, That we would move them to Wednesday. Normally Wednesday night is not busy, most people in our community go to Church wednesday night. However this wednesday was packed, so we started with some light weight training while waiting for the treadmills to open. My weights have increased quite a bit. I will tell you more about my weight training later.

Once we finally secured two treadmills, we ran our 10 mile divided into 3 5k's. So 3.2 miles at 4.8 then a 5 minute walk. We did this three times. Russell finished a good 35 minutes before me. We figured out that Steve Prefontaine ran his 3 mile in 12:51.4... That is how fast I run one mile and Russ runs two miles! That is freaking amazing.

By the end of the run I had pulled my arch in my foot and my knees felt like jelly, but I finished. It took 136 minutes. I lost two pounds while running (course I gained them back with the spaghetti dinner we ate to restore some of the 1200 calories I burned)

Thursday I wanted to Cycle but the class was full. So I needed something low impact because of my knees... I normally don't like ellipticals but I actually enjoyed the mile I did before heading to do weights.

Thursdays weight training was as follows:

Leg Press X 2 sets of 12 at 120lbs
Abductor/ Adductor machine (my favorite) X 2 sets of 12 at 50/110 lbs
Roman Chair with kettleball weights, Back extensions x12 Lat extensions X12 both sides
abdominal Machine X2 sets at 50lbs
Planks x2 hold for 30 second
side planks x2/hold for 20 second
Squats on BOSU Ball x30
Squats with kettleball (17.6 lbs) x 20

Today I was supposed to do 4 sets of Sprints, but I hate them so I only managed to do 2 sets. Then I repeated Thursdays Weight training, but added steps on the bench with 8lb weights.

so total miles for the week. 13miles!

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  1. congrats on finishing!! I did a half and a full for team in training, and it was one of the best feelings :) But it sure did make my body hurt!!!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like :)


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