Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hitting a wall.

Week two of training went really well... I did 15 miles again throughout the week and tried to change my schedule as much as possible to get to a morning routine. Waking up with Russ and staying up until bedtime. I was making my runs and feeling very confident. Every Monday I weigh myself and take my Measurements. (Note: The goal is not to lose weight, but to get healthier, and tone muscle) And after two weeks of kicking my butt I saw ZERO progress! I was so frustrated.

So when it came time for week three I was over it. But I made myself keep going. We had to switch some days around because of scheduling issues, but I was doing my best to make up the ground. Then came Friday, my long distance day and I was done. I didn't want to do it.... And I didn't do it. Disappointed! After all that hard work in Week 1-2, here I was giving up on week three. I had hit a "wall!" I felt burnt out. I had only got in 10 miles all week! I took all weekend off. Focusing on important issues, my home and family. Things I had been neglecting a bit. Which brings me to Week 4!

Week 4!!! After this week I am a third of the way finished with the training program and on my way towards my goal!! I am feeling re-energized after a few day off.

I started Monday with another packed house at the YMCA... it is frustrating when it is that busy... People waiting for treadmills which limits the amount of time you have to complete your runs. So I finished 3 cycles of 10 minute sprints at 5.5, followed by 3 minutes of rest at 3.0. 3 miles down!

On Tuesday, my schedule calls for a 30 minute light workout or walk. But Russ and I decided that we would try an indoor cycling class!! LOVED IT!!!! It was great crosstraining and a good break for my knees (compared to the beating they take while running)

Today I got up early with Russ, made us a healthy breakfast, sent him off to work and headed to the gym. I went to yoga!! Which I love!!! Yoga is so great for so many reasons. I have been taking classes off and on since college. It helps with my breathing issues, not only on the everyday level, but also when I am running. The stretching is amazing, especially after training all week. And it gives me some "me" time, time to relax and yet still get a good workout in.

After Yoga I headed to the gym to get in a 5 minute warmup, 20 minute jog, and 5 minute cooldown. 2 miles down!!! Then did some weight training, including abductor and adductor, pull ups and dips, the roman chair (for lats and abs) and squats! All in all a pretty well rounded workout!!! So pray for me that week 4 continues to be a productive one!!!

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