Monday, January 4, 2010

So the new year has begun and I like so many other crazy people have set off with a New Years Resolution. Last year was the first year I have successfully completed a resolution. So I am more determined than ever to accomplish this years goal.

In 2009, I managed to break my hardest habit, lose 20 lbs., and run my first 5k (in 36 minutes, 9 minutes under my goal of 45 minutes!!!) all with the loving support of my husband. Needless to say I am lucky to have an in house personal trainer/athlete to teach me how to run, work out and eat right under my own roof. Being Married to an athlete certainly has its positives!!!
So in 2010 I have set a new goal for myself, I am going to run a half marathon. 13.1 miles stand between me and my goal. So Russell has drawn up a very tailored 12 week plan to get me there.

Jan. 1 was day one... it constisted of 2 miles, with a 5 minute warm up and a goal to jog the whole time, no walking! By the halfway point I thought, "What the crap am I thinking?" I have never been an althlete. anyone who knows me knows although I tried (I was a Cheerleader, ran track and played tennis in high school) I was actually never very good at sports! I am a better observer. I love to watch sports to engage in full rants at the television when WVU isn't playing its best, to let the TV have it when a referee call pisses me off, hyperventilate at during the last two minutes of a basketball game and nobody wants to be around if you slide tackle my husband and miss the ball!!! It is why I worked in a Sport Bar for years, why I instantly fell in love with my husband while watching the World Cup for the first time!

So here I am running on a treadmill thinking "Why?!?" Am I really doing this for me? Am I doing it because it is what I think I should do? I say to Russ "I think I need to walk for a minute." He says, "not much further." And it hits me he is right. I am so close to my goal, don't stop. This is my goal. To be healthy. Not skinny, healthy. I don't wanna go back to that girl that just a year ago couldn't walk on a treadmill for 20 minutes, much less finish a 5k or train for a half marathon. So I finished. Not for Russ, not for the skimpy Sports Page uniform that haunts me from last year super bowl photos, but because I wanted to do it for Me. To prove to myself that I am a strong, healthy woman.

Jan. 2 ~ today I started with a 5 minute warm-up. Did 3 intervals of a 6 minute run at 5.0 and then walked 2 minutes at 3.0. Afterward my face was the color of a lobster, but I did it!! I got through it, and every time I wanted to stop Russ was there to support me. Training right beside me for his triathlon, following the same regiment as me that he has so carefully mapped out for us.

We also took starting weights and measurements for comparison, but I think I will keep those to myself for now. I will keep you posted. Pray for us!! We will probably need it!

Oh and by the way Happy New Year, I hope God blesses you and yours this 2010!

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