Saturday, January 9, 2010

Will Run for Pedicure!

So my first week of training is over!!!

On Tuesday I had to brave the gym without Russell for the first time. My assignment for the day was to walk 30 minutes. I was also going to attend the cardio and step classes offered at my YMCA. When I arrived I was informed whenever school is canceled all the classes are canceled also. That is all well and good, unless you are like me and don't have kids so you never know when they have canceled school!

There is this crazy thing that happens when you don't have classes, everyone flocks to the treadmills! Well that and the fact that right after the New Year everyone and their brother (myself included) makes some form of New years resolution to get healthy! I have been going to the Y for almost a year and I had never seen it this crowded! Once I snagged a treadmill for my walk, I decided to bump up my speed a bit and got in a two mile jog.

On Wednesday, Russ and I returned to the Y a bit later in the evening, to try and avoid the craziness. We started with a 5 minute walk to warm up, then I jogged forty minutes at 4.0 and then a 5 minute cool down... my first time jogging that long without needing to walk!!!! Russell always goes a bit faster than I do, but normally goes for the same amount of time. Another 3 mile accomplished!!!

Thursday was take a break day! We even had Date night at Ella's and then settled in to watch a movie (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which was much better than the first Harry Potter Movie!).

Then came this weeks D day. Friday is the long distance day. Now mind you before this test of my endurance the longest I have ran was my 5k on my last birthday (August) so when Russell said we were doing to run a 6 miles, approximately a 10k I was a bit nervous. We would jog 12 minutes, then rest walk for 2 minutes. My starting speed for the jog was 4.8, walk was 3.5. The first two miles didn't seem too bad. Then the two middle miles hit... I was exhausted, my heart rate was way above where it needed to be so Russell slowed my time to 4.2 and 3.0. and had me walk a little longer than the allocated two minutes. It should be noted that Friday is not about speed, but about getting to the goal of 6 miles.

The last two miles brought relief, and numbness in my right foot. Originally we had given ourselves (well really me, Russell was finished with his 6 mile while I was on mile 4, he continued to run with me until the last 3/4 a mile but stopped so he could get me more water and watch my vitals) 2 hours to complete the 6 mile objective, however 3 miles into it we knew we would far surpass that and possibly even get right at the 90 minute mark. Towards the end of the last mile I realized that if I upped my speed I might have the possibility of getting under 85 minutes. So, with Russell cheering me on (and checking my heart rate every two seconds) I boosted my speed to 5.o for the final three minutes, then to 5.5 for the final minute. Final time 85:20. Not too shabby for my first distance day!!!

After a few minutes of cool down, we went to stretch. It was then I noticed there was a little bit of blood coming through my tennis shoes. Now mind you there was no pain involved, but Russell helped me get my shoe off and my sock was soaked in blood. Not wanting to get blood anywhere we immediately put the shoe back on and left for home...still no pain.

After we got home Russell cleaned up my foot and found that even though I had recently trimmed my nails, there was one that was sharp and had cut into the toe beside it... it was super tiny... but because my heart was pumping so much from running it bled a whole lot... so other than being a tad bit scary it was not a big deal. Russell even got all the blood out of my tennis shoe which was amazing.

Final Mile Tally for the week: 15 miles!!!!!

Today is my day off before starting week two... Russell is at a Indoor Soccer tournament, so I think I will settle in for a girlie day!!! Maybe even a pedicure!!!

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